The English Roses

English roses are some of the most popular flowers in England. The roses grown here are actually one of the most sought-after in the world.

Throughout the years, the symbolic rose has been used repeatedly. It represented personalities, families, places, emotions, and even important events in history. It is a prominent flower in poetry, literature, religion, and of course, the arts. The beauty of this flower, its vibrant colour, and the fragrance have been romanticised over and over again.

What are English roses?

So what is this specific rose and why is it special? Why is it considered as one of the best roses in the world?

People believe that English roses have a special charm. It is old-fashioned and blooms beautifully. But beyond that, the appeal of this rose is connected with the way it represents the beautiful culture of the English.

The English rose has a distinct fragrance that is different from the other types. Not only that, it looks just as great in an informal garden and a romantic setting. This type of rose grows three times more in the United Kingdom than in other places. It is probably the climate that makes this happen. After all, the English enjoy longer days and a longer summer season. This leads the rose to keep on growing without flowering yet. In fact, it can grow up to 20 feet.

It leaves English roses with dense petals that allow it to give off more fragrance. This is what makes it look so good when it is gathered in a bouquet. Not only that, there is a tendency to bloom again – which is good for gardeners.

This flower comes in various colours of red, white, blue, green, orange, and pink. You can find a shade that will be perfect for any occasion.

Different types of English roses

There are different types of English roses available today. Here are some of the top varieties that you can choose from.

Groundcover rose

This is a new landscaping breed. When the shrub roses became popular, this low-growing type of rose became a sought-after variety. It is a great way to add beauty to the borders or any garden – whether it is around the perimeter, under a window sill or around a tree. It can even be planted in hanging baskets.

Hybrid tea rose

This is one of the most popular types of English roses. This is what you usually see in florist shops. This type of rose grows tall and has sparse foliage – making it the perfect rose to give as a token or gift. Each rose blooms on long stems and are very elegant. It requires pruning, well-drained soil, and good air circulation if you want healthy canes.

Floribunda rose

This type grow roses in clusters – which makes it look like a naturally arranged bouquet. This rose is actually a cross between hybrid teas and roses. This type of rose can reach 5-6 feet and that makes a great hedge – if you want them to be tall. It has very fragrant blooms that do not require a lot of maintenance because it can repel diseases easily.

Shrub rose

This type of rose is one of the hardiest species for this type of flower. It has a repeat bloom and the flowers come in different forms. Other can grow high while others are more compact. This is a great option for landscaping. This is also a popular type of rose because it does not require a lot of attention and maintenance.

Grandiflora rose

This rose combines the best traits of floribundas and hybrid teas. The result is an elegantly shaped rose blooms that emerge from long-stemmed clusters. This plant can grow as tall as 7 feet and can be disease resistant too.

These are only some of the popular types of English roses. Most of these can be grown in your very own garden. Just make sure you do your research to find out how to grow them properly.