Chelsea Garden Show In London

The Chelsea Garden Show is proof of how the English really love their gardens. Even the royal family is quite involved and enthusiastic about this event.

This show, also referred to as the Chelsea Flower Show, is actually the main event of the Royal Horticultural Society since 1913. Based on previous attendance, thousands of people are expected to visit and admire the billions of flowers and blooms that will take the centre stage in London. Each event is usually shown in a huge pavilion where more than a hundred exhibitors will show their best blooms – including the national flower, the Tudor rose.

This event does not only showcase the beautiful flowers in the region. It also gives a chance to display the various flora that can be found all over the world. These are arranged in show gardens, fresh gardens, and artisan gardens.

The history of the Chelsea Flower Show

The history of the Chelsea Garden Show spans more than a century’s worth of events. The very first event of the Royal Horticultural Society was the Great Spring Show in 1862. This was held at Kensington, specifically at the RHS garden. There were flower shows since 1833 (in Chiswick) but it was only in 1862 that it became a huge deal since it was now in Kensington. The previous location was not as accessible.

The show stayed in Kensington for 26 years before it moved to London. The very first site was the Temple Gardens. The roses in these gardens were believed to be the ones referred to in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 1.

The event continued to grow as participants and exhibitors increased in numbers. In 1897, the event required 5 marquees to accommodate all the plant and seed merchants participating in the event.

The Temple Show was canceled in 1912 to give way to the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition. This took place at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea as a one-time event. Since it was such a great site, the next Great Spring Show was held here in 1913 and it almost always held it in this venue.

With the new location, the RHS soon renamed the event as the Chelsea Flower Show and it first opened on May 20 of 1913. It became an annual show that was only canceled in 1917 to 1918 because of the war.

When 1920’s hit, the Chelsea Garden Show was back in business and it had been the same until today. Over the years, the number of attendance continued to grow and the popularity of the event solidified its success for the past century.

The Chelsea Flower Show at present

The Chelsea Flower Show is a highly publicised event that currently has 157,000 visitors every year. Most people believe that the number might even grow if it was held in a bigger venue. The fact that the tickets are purchased in advance makes it highly possible that this show will receive more followers over the years.

Right now, the event is stretched over 5 days. The first two days of the event is exclusive to RHS members only. Every event is covered by the BBC and an official DVD is also created. Not only that, the Royal family is always in attendance and their visit to the event is always given enough coverage.

Not only is the local population interested in this event, the whole world is tuned in as well. Show gardens have been steadily rising and the Chelsea Garden Show is one of the best places to watch out for trends. It is like the fashion show of the horticultural world.