The Most Beautiful Gardens In London

The gardens in London as absolutely breathtaking – at least, if you know where to go. England is a country that loves gardens. The proportion of residents that love gardens is among the highest in the world. You can say that these folks know how to appreciate a great looking flower or plant. It is actually no wonder that you will find a lot of beautiful gardens all over the city. And take note that these are not the same as the parks that you will see all over the city too. No matter how modern or fast-paced the city of London gets, these gardens continue to give everyone a place of reprieve. It will always give them a place to relax and step back from their hectic and stressful life.

The most beautiful gardens in the city of London

So where are the most beautiful gardens in London? Contrary to what your first impression may be, it is not all skyscrapers in this city. There are beautiful pockets of gardens all over the city that will really uplift your spirits.

Kyoto Gardens

This is a Japanese-inspired garden. It can be a quiet zen for anyone who is looking for a tranquil place to get away from the busy life in London. It is located in Kensington – specifically in Holland Park. This garden was designed as a place of serenity in the middle of a bustling city. This was built back in 1992 to celebrate the Japan festival held in London. With peacocks, tranquil ponds, and steady flow from the waterfalls, you will find your peace in this garden.

Barbican Conservatory

To some people, this actually looks more like a huge greenhouse than a garden. However, it cannot be denied that this is a beautiful oasis right in the midst of the bustling city of London. The Barbican Centre holds the conservatory – a huge establishment that holds more than 2,000 species of interesting and exotic plants. Apart from that, you will see several fishes, finches, and quails. It is truly a tropical paradise that is great for events and public viewing.

The Roof Gardens

What is better than being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers? Well, if you have a view of the magnificent cityscape of London, that would make for a really awesome experience, right? This is exactly what The Roof Gardens will offer. It is only of the most beautiful gardens in London. It is 100 ft high above Kensington. If you did not know where it is, you would not really know that it is there. It features a Tudor garden with roses and ivy and also a Spanish garden with fountains and vines. There is also the magical English Woodland Garden – where 4 amazing flamingos live.

St Dunstan in the East

If you like everything gothic – well this is the garden that you should visit. It is a secret Gothic garden in the middle of London. It is right where the ruins of the Wren Church is located – between the Bank and Monument Station. This garden has the most exotic flowers and plants in the city. You get beautiful plants from Moroccan Broom, Japanese snowball blossoms, and New Zealand Flax.

Isabella Plantation

This plantation is a hidden gem in Richmond Park. It is quite huge – covering 40-acres of woodlands. But it is not like the woodlands that you are thinking of. It is a great garden that looks straight out of a magical land. You get a lot of purple azaleas and evergreens. This place has streams, ponds, and various foliage that will bring you somewhere close to a fairytale setting. With butterflies around, you will really feel like you are in a different world.

The Phoenix Garden

This is right at the West End and is one of the smallest gardens in London. It is actually in the busiest part of the city – making it a great reprieve from the city life. What makes this garden special is the fact that it was designed to have blooming flowers all year round. So if you are looking for a beautiful venue to get away from your busy life, this is where you may want to go. It does not matter when you intended to visit.